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In March of 2016 our industry’s National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) released a white paper outlining how to measure improvements in HVAC energy performance after HVAC cleaning. The white paper, “Restoring Energy Efficiency through HVAC Air Distribution Cleaning,” inspired a task force of NADCA members across Canada and North America to carry out testing of HVAC systems before and after cleaning. The study showed impressive results.

The following statistics show the average findings after residential HVAC cleaning and restoration of the ducts, air handler and coils:

61% (or 5.9 Degrees) Cooling Temperature Drop

Temperature drop measures the change of temperature from when it enters the cooling coil on the return side and exits on the supply side.

11% CFM Improvement

Cubic feet per minute (CFM), or volume of air moving through the system, increases with obstruction removal from the HVAC system. Most measurements were taken at the return register. With duct cleaning alone, the average CFM improvement was 6.9%.

150% Cooling Capacity Improvement

Cooling capacity, or British Thermal Units (BTU) output, is also referred to as heat transfer rate.

Duct system cleaning and restoration substantially reduce energy usage and costs. In effect, the study found HVAC cleaning pays for itself over time. Added benefits include reduced dust, odors and respiratory problems.

Take a look at our residential air duct cleaning process.

Following National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) standards, we clean all internal components from where the air enters the air duct system (the return-air grills), through the return ductwork, furnace unit/AC coils and the supply-air ductwork and diffusers. Normally, this includes the removal of the blower/fan and housing for cleaning, as well as several processes available for cleaning the AC evaporator coils and heat exchange compartments.

See the difference? All the air in your system must go through this A Coil — and through the dirt that’s piled up inside it. The dirty coil restricts air flow. Also, if your A Coil is full of dust, so is your air! That’s what you and your family are breathing every day and night.

You’ll benefit from less dust, better health and lower costs.

You can expect significantly less dust in the indoor environment, better HVAC system efficiency, which in turn causes lower utility bills, prolonged furnace life and a healthier environment. Indoor air pollution can be serious! It can lead to allergies, health problems, dust, mold, odors and more. Air duct cleaning will reduce these issues. Many occupants report decreased asthma and allergy symptoms. Clean ducts and coils increase energy efficiency and lower your heating and cooling bills. Regular maintenance extends the life of your furnace equipment and pays for itself in the long run. A new furnace can cost a whopping $6,000-$12,000. Make a wise investment in your health and home with ENVIRO-AIR air duct cleaning services.

Prices vary depending on the number of duct runs and return air openings, and sometimes how the system is laid out. It is very easy to determine the cleaning costs of the system causing concern. Call ENVIRO-AIR at (417) 832-9980. We can give you a “ball park” bid over the phone and we provide local on-site estimates free of charge or obligation. On-site estimates are normally best for everyone and take very little time.
This also varies by several factors such as the size and layout of the system, the type of equipment being used and the number of technicians. A smaller system typically takes about a half a day when two technicians are doing the work. This can also be better estimated on-site.
Filters can range in price from about a dollar to over $800. Of course, they also range widely in efficiency. When considering the best filtering system for your particular needs, you should consider three things in addition to cost: dust-stopping efficiency, maintenance requirements and the potential for air flow restriction. Talk to ENVIRO-AIR for a straight answer and honest opinion about your particular situation. Again, in-home estimates are free and we tailor our recommendations to your unique needs.
We recommend cleaning your air ducts every 2-7 years, depending on the traffic in your home and your tolerance for potential allergens.

For residential systems, NADCA recommends inspecting the air handling unit annually and the duct work every two years. NADCA notes several reasons homeowners may choose to clean air ducts more frequently including household odors produced by smokers or large amounts of hair and dander shed by pets. New home construction and extensive remodels can launch great amounts of debris into the home environment, making project completion a prime opportunity for air duct cleaning. Family members suffering from asthma and allergies could experience great relief from symptoms when air pollutants are removed. Water contamination, fire or other damage to the home or HVAC system are a few more reasons air duct cleaning may be required to create a contaminant-free home environment.

The EPA recommends considering air duct cleaning for your home if there is substantial visible mold growth inside components of your heating and cooling system, ducts are infested with rodents or insects or ducts release visible debris through supply registers when your HVAC system is running.

On the day of your appointment two licensed, bonded and insured technicians will arrive to complete your residential air duct cleaning work. To ensure safety and peace of mind, we complete background checks and drug tests on all of our employees. Although we know jobs don’t necessarily require two technicians to complete the work, we’ve found our team can function more efficiently with two sets of hands. A typical three-bedroom, single-system ranch style home, measuring 2,000 square feet or less, generally takes them half a day to complete. Understand, we’ll invest the time it takes to do a thorough job.

Some of our competitors bring a shop vac to do the work of an industrial duct cleaner. Other companies can take three times longer to get the job done. Our equipment is powerful and has 56 times more vacuum power than many in the duct cleaning business. We’re miles ahead of the rest and use the most up-to-date equipment. Our hoses are industrial sized, at eight to ten inches in width.

From top to bottom, ENVIRO-AIR employs painstaking attention to detail every time it completes a residential air duct cleaning. Each critical component of your HVAC system receives expert care. This includes ceiling returns, furnace ductwork, crawl space supplies, floor registers and more.

We run sweep equipment down each duct. An air compressor powered pneumatic whip, combined with the strongest vacuum suction around, demolishes the dust and debris in your ducts and sends it directly into our containment vessels. ENVIRO-AIR never forgets the main trunk line under the house either. We won’t leave until our task is complete, the worksite is tidied and we’ve confirmed your HVAC system is cycling properly.

Get peace of mind knowing our technicians undergo ongoing training. They must attend numerous conferences and maintain continuing education credits throughout their careers to ensure expert performance. ENVIRO-AIR is NADCA certified and technicians have a precise set of standards, procedures and checklists in place to guarantee exceptional work. Attention to detail and high expectations make ENVIRO-AIR stand out from less invested companies.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration National Fire Data Center, approximately 2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported to U.S. fire departments each year. Failure to properly clean clothes dryers accounts for 34 percent of all fires ignited. Removing blockages and lint from the traps, vents and surrounding areas of the dryer is necessary to avoid fire hazards.

Dryer exhaust ducts longer than a few feet often need cleaning by a professional. Neglected dryer ducts can be not only a fire hazard, but lead to lower dryer efficiency. Call for a dryer vent duct cleaning quote today.

Water, mold, fire and smoke damaged properties often need professional HVAC system cleaning. ENVIRO-AIR has certifications and experience for these cases that no other company in the area possesses. That’s why the major property restoration companies call us when they need to be certain the job is done properly. It’s not easy to get these cases resolved, but we do it all the time. Restoration duct cleaning references are available.

Our residential air duct cleaning equipment can be 56 times more powerful than others, with not one but two power sources cleaning from one end of the ductwork to the other. We get into crawl spaces and attics to make sure every part of the duct system (e.g. trunk line and plenum boxes) are completely clean.

Consider us after the completion of a new home build or residential remodel. Construction fills the environment with sawdust and sheet rock debris. Duct systems, open during the construction process, are vulnerable to contamination from building materials and residue. Owners of older homes with pet dander, mold or allergy issues find our services useful as well.

ENVIRO-AIR can complete minor air duct replacement and repair, if troubles arise. We also have extensive experience handling unusual situations such as fixing air flow problems or odor, mold, animal and other contamination issues.

Local inspections and quotes are free. Give us a call today at (417) 832-9980.

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