Commercial Air Duct/HVAC Cleaning Services

ENVIRO-AIR is the leader in industrial and commercial air duct cleaning.

The NADCA Energy Field Trials task force completed a study to determine the effect HVAC cleaning has on energy performance. Temperature, humidity and airflow were measured as part of the study.

The following statistics show the average findings after commercial/industrial HVAC cleaning and restoration of the ducts, air handler and coils:

40% (or 5.4 Degrees) Cooling Temperature Drop

Temperature drop measures the change of temperature from when it enters the cooling coil on the return side and exits on the supply side.

54% CFM Improvement

Cubic feet per minute (CFM), or volume of air moving through the system, increases with obstruction removal from the HVAC system. Most measurements were taken at the return register.

225% Cooling Capacity Improvement

Cooling capacity, or British Thermal Units (BTU) output, is also referred to as heat transfer rate.

In summary, the results of the NADCA Energy Field task force study showed a boost in system performance after HVAC cleaning, proving the benefits of HVAC cleaning and restoration to enhance a building’s energy efficiency.

ENVIRO-AIR is an industry leader in commercial and industrial air duct cleaning, HVAC system inspection, maintenance and restoration. We’re capable of working with any size project, from a small office or retail store to a large industrial complex.

Experience in Cleaning Virtually All Types of Systems:

    • Ammonia
    • Boiler/Chill Water
    • Glycol
    • Ground Source
    • Fan coil
    • RTU (Rooftop Units)
    • VAV (Variable Air Volume) / reheat coil
    • Industrial dust collection systems
    • Industrial dryer exhaust systems

Partial Industrial/Commercial Client List

  • Medical:

    • Cox Health Systems
    • University of Missouri Medical Center
    • Manor Care
  • Property Management:

    • Debco Property Management
    • Plaza Realty Management
    • Wilhoit Properties
  • Food Processing:

    • Kraft Foods, Inc.
    • Schreiber Foods
    • McDonald’s
  • Entertainment/Lodging:

    • Silver Dollar City
    • Legends Theatre Branson
    • Radisson Hotels
Numerous references are available in all major categories:

  • Construction
  • Fire/Water Restoration
  • Manufacturing
  • Government

Certifications & Qualifications:

  • Certified by NADCA – The National Air Duct Cleaners Association
  • Confined Space Entry certifications
  • ASCS – Certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialists on staff
  • VSMR – certified Ventilation Systems Mold Remediators on staff
  • CIAQT – Certified Indoor Air Quality Technician on staff
  • CMA – Certified Mold Assessor on staff
  • IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration) – Certified in Odor Control, Fire/Smoke Damage and Water Damage Restoration
  • OSHA 10 Certified Staff
  • Well-versed and experienced in following company GMPs and Safety Training

Learn more about our qualifications and air duct cleaning certifications.

Choose us for your commercial air duct cleaning needs.

Our services include complete HVAC/duct system air duct cleaning following NADCA standards, exhaust systems maintenance cleaning, air duct coatings, internal insulation, other specialty restoration and Certified Ventilation Systems Inspections (CVI). We complete unit/coil cleaning for all types of commercial and industrial systems. Boiler, chill-water, fan coil units, VAV box, ammonia, glycol and ground source systems are a few types we clean.

We pride ourselves on being a “low maintenance” contractor. We’re equipped to handle all your industrial air duct cleaning needs. ENVIRO-AIR‘s vacuum-powered equipment moves air at 10,000 cubic feet per minute and use several methods to clean every part of the duct system — even those with difficult access. Because of the benefits provided by such thorough system maintenance, improved efficiency among them, many proactive clients request our industrial air duct cleaning services annually.

ENVIRO-AIR helps you safeguard the health of your employees. If your team is reporting foul odors, frequent sinus headaches, respiratory problems or other illnesses, after spending time at work, they may be experiencing sick building syndrome (SBS). Improper function of HVAC systems, lack of fresh air or mold issues are some suspected triggers for SBS. Another illness, Legionnaire’s disease, is a form of pneumonia caused by bacteria. These bacteria can contaminant air conditioning systems or water-holding equipment such as tanks and cooling towers. Let ENVIRO-AIR help make your indoor air safe again.

ENVIRO-AIR technicians are certified for contamination issues such as mold, smoke, odors and particulate. We perform specialty cleaning of structural beams, ceilings and more.

We have invested in training our technicians in Confined Space Entry, fall protection and several other training programs including industrial safety and OSHA 10 for our technicians. ENVIRO-AIR is adept at dealing with unusual circumstances. For instance, if your work environment employs a commercial vacuum system to control sawdust in a collection bag, we can likely clean it for you.

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